Samsung 870 QVO 2TB V-NAND SSD review

Just over 18 months after it was introduced, the 860 QVO is making way for the 870 QVO. The second iteration of Samsung’s popular budget line has upped the ante with the introduction of an 8TB solid state drive, the first time we’ve seen this capacity hit mainstream.

The drive is available in four versions: 1TB ($129.99), 2TB ($249.99), 4TB ($499.99) and finally 8TB ($899.99). It’s worth noting that buying a pair of 2TB SSD costs roughly the same as the 4TB one.

The hardware

The 870 QVO uses Samsung’s second generation 4-bit MLC V-NAND paired with the new MKX controller. The 2TB model we tested today has a 2GB LPDDR4 which is used as DRAM cache memory. The memory size grows proportionally with the SSD capacity. As expected, the device runs on a SATA interface which is somewhat of a disappointment and limits the expected performance of the product.

Rear of Device

(Image credit: Future)

Sadly, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t pry the case open to check the motherboard. It’s worth noting that the drive weighs in at 46g which is significantly lighter than the 62g of the 860 QVO. What it means is that the SSD is likely to be mostly empty space with the 2.5-inch enclosure needed for compatibility with existing systems.

The software

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